Emulator Setups

One of the great things about the ArcadePC is that it is able to support multiple emulators available to the public.  The Mame emulator is the focal point of most emulation Arcade cabinets today.  But there are other emulators out there that can provide just as much fun an enjoyment in an Arcade cabinet.  Ever played Sonic on a cabinet?  What about the tons of EA sports titles that you left behind when the next generation hardware arrived?  Wishing that someone would decrypt Tekken 3 so you can spend endless hours playing it with real arcade controls?  The good news is, you CAN!  All you need to play these and tons more games on the ArcadePC is the right emulator and proper settings.

I decided to include my configuration files for the emulators that I am running on my ArcadePC.  This will be more beneficial to owners who have an ArcadePC with an older WellsGardner arcade monitor.  However, some of the configuration files have HotRod layout information which should be useful to anyone with an ArcadePC.  Download and use these items only if you are having trouble getting a certain emulator to run properly on the ArcadePC.  While computer configuration variation will cause differing levels of speed on different emulators, generally only a difference in the video card would cause possible problems using the suggested emulator settings on this page.   It is important to note that you may need different settings for some emulators because of the video card you are using, but believe me when I say that all of the emulators listed below are playable on the ArcadePC.  And when I say playable, I mean full screen displays, responsive controls with all buttons available, and endless fun for you and your buddies!

For more detailed information on emulator installation and setup, visit EasyEMU.

My current PC configuration is below.

Intel 1.8 Ghz P4
20 GB 7200 HD
NVIDIA Geforce2 GTS - 32MB RAM video card
WindowsME OS

Below is a list of emulators and settings for each. 

Arcade emulator
  1. No additional files required
  2. KeyChange program- used to remap buttons to prevent using the mouse in Windows
  • Select "HotRod SE" layout on the contollers tab under Default Game Options
  • "Stretch Using Hardware" on the Advanced tab inunder Default game options to get full screen displays
  • Select "Match Game refresh rate" on the Advanced tab under Default game options if using an arcade monitor with VGA inputs
  • Set Resolution size to "640x480" and depth to "16 bit" on the Advanced tab under Default game options if using an arcade monitor with VGA inputs
  • Remap HotRod {Payer 1 Start} to {Enter} using KeyMap and you can start a Mame32 game by pressing this button
  • Make sure NumLock is ON and you can select a Mame32 game with your controller
  • You can edit the Mame32 configuration for all games by pressing the {Tab} button and selecting multiple button presses to simulate a command.  My preferences are:
    - {P1 Start}+{P2 Start} = Esc game
    - {P1 Start}+{Button1} = Pause game
    - {P2 Start}+{Button1} = Game config
Sega Genesis emulator
  1. DGEN.ini file - HotRod control configuration
  • Good for ArcadePC because it allows you to remap all of the HotRod keys including the {Alt} key
3-D Arcade emulator
  1. renderer.ipc - Video display configuration
  2. controller.ipc - HotRod control configuration
  • The renderer.ipc file is the one I use for my video card.  There are multiple renderer.ipc files available.
  • The controller.ipc file maps all of the HotRod control buttons automatically.  You will need this because you cannot map the {Alt} key with the regular controller.ipc file.
Killer Instinct emulator
  1. U64KeyMap.dat - HotRod control configuration
Playstation emulator
  1. No additional files required
  • This program is so-so.  There is no frame skip/limiter, so games can run too fast or two slow.  It's great if you have a game that is compatible and unavailable on another emulator (like Tekken3).  EPSXe is runs well on the ArcadePC.
Nintendo 64 emulator
  1. NEMU64.ini - HotRod control configuration