General Information

Hanaho has designed multiple arcade cabinets for home use.  While their product line is constantly changing, they continue to provide multiple choices for home arcade cabinets.  All of Hanaho's cabinets have HotRod joystick controls.  Hanaho uses real Happ joysticks and buttons to complete the authentic arcade look and feel.  The HotRod SE, which comes standard on all models unless requested otherwise, contains 2 joysticks for multi-player games, and multiple buttons allowing 6-button support for newer games (Street Fighter 2, Mortal Kombat, Neo Geo games, etc).  Hanaho's website gives some other information about these cabinets and controllers.  Current models of the ArcadePC can be ordered with PCs and subwoofers included for the cabinet.  These items are optional and can be added or deleted to reduce the purchase price.  There are customizable options including monitor size for some models, button colors, trackball control panels, and others.  See Hanaho's ArcadePC website for details.

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cabinet_mini4.gif (59062 bytes)* The ArcadePC Deluxe is a full size cabinet is 6 feet tall, has a 21" monitor, and HotRod SE controls.  This is the size of a true arcade machine running in most of today's arcades.  It is even available with a trackball.  A massive piece of hardware, but if you have the space, definitely worth the investment.

* The ArcadePC Mega is a cocktail cabinet which looks much like a small tabletop, you'll remember from older games like Pac Man.  It has a 17" monitor and 4 joysticks (one for each end and two on the sides for horizontal games.  This one is a great space saver and perfect for playing vertical games as they were meant to be played.

* The ArcadePC Mini Pac is shaped like the old Pac Mac cabinet.  I do not have too much information on this cabinet, but the picture should tell you enough.  It looks like it has a special HotRod controller to play old 4-way joystick games.  Hanaho can likely provide a regular HotRod joystick with 2 controllers and extra buttons upon your specification.  I believe it also has a 17" monitor.  From my knowledge, it is the same as the ArcadePC Mini, only in a differently shaped cabinet.
*Note - It looks like this product is no longer in production by Hanaho since there is no mention of it in their revamped website.  Please contact Hanaho for details on this cabinet.

* The ArcadePC Ultra is a scaled down version of the full size cabinet.  It has a 17" monitor and HotRod SE controls.  This is a smaller arcade cabinet, but perfect for home use.  With the addition of an additional extension stand, it remains perfect for stand-up play as well.