Important Information

My Review is on Hanaho's ArcadePC Mini product.  I have not tested or even seen any of the other models outside of pictures from Hanaho's website.  I do believe in the company, its product, and its commitment to its customers.  And my experience with the ArcadePC Mini would lead me to think that all of their products are professionally built using the same standards as described in my review of the Mini model.  

From correspondence with Hanaho, their ArcadePC products now come standard with Hansol monitors.  These are actual PC monitors that Hanaho is using to replace the previous Wells Gardner arcade monitors (with direct VGA output to the PC) that were used on earlier ArcadePC models.  From my understanding, many users were having technical problems with the arcade monitors because of resolution/refresh rate issues.  Because of the public's response to the arcade monitor problems, Hanaho decided to provide computer monitors to eliminate the monitor problems so many people were having. 

The current ArcadePC mini model comes with a 17" monitor and can be upgraded to 19" for around $200.00.  This is actually a smart move by Hanaho because there are no longer worries for users about what resolution or refresh rate their monitor is running at.  You can run Windows without any problems and are much less likely to rely on Hanaho for support of the monitor. 

My ArcadePC was purchased from a previous owner, not directly from Hanaho.  It was an older model which had the 19" Wells Gardner monitor.  My review is on the ArcadePC I own and, therefore, I can not speak for how the current Hansol monitor looks.   But my guess would be that anything Hanaho puts together is going to be professionally built and look as authentic as possible while still allowing everything to work easily and properly. 

With that being said, please contact Hanaho directly with any specific questions related to their line of ArcadePC products.