1. - Florescent lit top marquee (standard both models)

  2. - Pre-drilled speaker grills (standard both models)

  3. - Plexiglass, with monitor bezel (standard both models)

  4. - High-resolution monitor with VGA plug and play 17" Hansol Monitors (standard in the ArcadePC mini) or 21" Hansol Monitors (standard in the ArcadePC full size).  Older versions of hanaho's arcade cabinets had true arcade monitors which had standard VGA connectors.  For older models, the Arcade PC had 19" Wells-Gardner model U3100 (standard in the ArcadePC mini) or 27" Neo-Tec VGA plug and Play (standard in the ArcadePC full size)

  5. - Interchangeable control panels (shown here is the standard -SE type for the ArcadePC mini)

  6. - All panels include real arcade controls (Happ(tm) controls [Super Joysticks, Microswitched buttons] ), pre-wired with HotRod Technology(tm) for easy interface into any PC via a PS/2 style connection. Currently there are 2 optional joystick control panels. The -classic and the -SE style with more to be developed. Details about HotRod Joysticks and styles can be found on the HotRod Joystick Web Site.

  7. - Hidden pull out keyboard drawer with enough space for a standard ps/2 style keyboard and mouse.

  8. - Secured interior compartment allows you enough room to install any size PC. (Locks and keys standard). Optional Coin door and cash box (Standard in the ArcadePC full Size).

  9. - The Standard mini cabinet itself comes with lots of hardware features, including leg levelers, interior cabinet cooling fan for the PC, matching color T-Molding, and Melamine-laminated wood. 3 colors to choose from White, Gray, and Black. Built like a real Arcade machine, it's guaranteed to last many years to come.

  10. - Newer models of the ArcadePC can be ordered with PCs and subwoofers included for the cabinet.  These items are optional and can be added or deleted to reduce the purchase price.