Additional ArcadePC Controllers


I realize that some folks have probably been checking this page for an update on the two controllers mentioned a while back on this site.   Unfortunately, like many of you, other things have managed to take priority, and my ambition of having these controllers ASAP has fallen through.  Which brings me to the sad news . . . I do not have the additional ArcadePC controllers to review nor pics to show you.  I decided to delay these purchases into the near future to handle some other things.  The only positive (for me, anyway) that I have to mention is I now own a new Alienware computer and Altec Lansing ATP3 speakers which provide the latest and greatest components powering my ArcadePC.  

Rest assured that I do plan on buying both the trackball and X-Arcade joysticks sometime, but I am wary to set a date for fear that I will, again, get sidetracked.  Regardless, if you have an ArcadePC currently, or are in the market for one, this is definitely something to look into and worth contacting Hanaho about directly.  I hope to purchase both controllers soon and update everyone on how well they perform.  More importantly, I want the benefit of playing some of the classic (and newer Dreamcast) games on my ArcadePC system.  If anyone has a trackball joystick by Hanaho or an X-Arcade stick, please let me know as I'm sure others would love to hear about your experiences. 

Until then, we'll all just have to wait.  The guys at MAMEWorld will be informed when I have the controllers ordered, reviews written up, and the pics ready.  So, as always, keep a look out on the MAMEWorld homepage for mention of updates to this site.