Hanaho Arcade PC
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My assumption is that if you have gotten to this site, you are aware of the current marvel that is video game emulation and all of the wonders that it brings.   Emulation lets you relive some of your (sometimes not too distant) past by providing a way to play the classic and even newer, graphic intensive video arcade games.  For those of you who have stumbled across this page by accident, let me encourage you to continue reading.   cabinet_mini6.gif (52690 bytes)

With the ingenuity of some genius programmers and a huge following of adamant video game junkies, emulation has come into a world of its own.   Basically, emulators of video games do just as their name implies; they emulate the hardware and software that video games were designed to run on.  This hardware and software is emulated on your home computer.  In effect, you can bring an entire arcade game collection into your home without all of the space demands of huge arcade cabinets.  There are many emulator programs out there.  Some emulate older home systems like the Atari 2600 and Sega Genesis.  Others emulate the actual arcade games.  These games are not home versions of Pac Man or Mortal Kombat.  These are the EXACT games you played in the arcade.   

MAME  is one of these arcade emulators.  It emulates thousands of old and new arcade games and was basically the reason I got into the scene.  There is a ton of information out there about emulation.  Without too much technical savvy, anyone can set up their computer to run MAME and with it, hundreds of video games they grew up with.

And while the the ability to play these games at your desktop is very enjoyable, there is something lost by using keyboard buttons and arrow keys to play the classic video games, not to mention some of the more intense fighting games of recent years.  What you lose is the arcade "feel" of the games.  And while some people out there are happy with playing games on their small computer monitor and fumbling with keyboard presses or small computer controllers, there are others, true arcade enthusiasts, who know this just won't do.  Thus begins a new market niche.

Hanaho is a company that designs arcade cabinets for big name arcade companies (Capcom and Sega to name a few).  What Hanaho has capitalized on is the emulation enthusiast's need for high-end arcade hardware.   There is an exponentially growing number of people who want to be able to play arcade games in an arcade cabinet.  They want to use real arcade joysticks and buttons.  They want to relive a great part of their younger years, just as they did when they were kids.  And what Hanaho has provided these individuals is a professional arcade cabinet that runs emulation software.  It is called the ArcadePC.